Friday, 5 April 2013

Baby on Board!

I've never really figured why these pieces of plastic exist. They can be seen proudly (or rather unashamedly?) displayed in the rear windows of cars driven by new parents. But why?

I assume they are intended as a request to other drivers to take extra care around the car displaying the announcement. In practice, I can only imagine they serve to agitate said other drivers, thereby increasing the likelihood of being rammed from behind (as it were).

If you're a new parent thinking of buying a 'baby on board!' sign, save your money. As that little one gets older, you're going to need every penny you can save.


  1. Cant see how a sign would agitate anyone.Not that I ever used one.I am waiting for granny on board signs.

  2. I think their original purpose was to inform emergency crew in case the unspeakable happened. You're right though, it doesn't seem to put people off from driving like maniacs behind me!

  3. I hate "Princess/Prince *insert name* on board. Gag!!