Saturday, 29 September 2012

Looper vs. Primer?

I do like a good time-travel movie, and this new one, Looper, starring Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt seems to fit the bill. Here's the trailer:

But while listening to a review of it on Radio 4's, Front Row, another film was mentioned that also deals with time-travel. The reviewers seemed to think that this other film, Primer, gave a more intelligent consideration of the time-travel idea (Looper, after all, is effectively an action movie... hey, it's gor Bruce Willis in it!). Here's the trailer for Primer:

Anyone seen either film?


  1. Yep I've seen both.

    Primer seems to be more focussed on the moral and ethical effects of creating a time machine, and what someone would do with that much power. It is even more difficult than looper to follow in terms of timelines, and most people might not understand it, but there are no paradoxes or breaks of logic involved just for the sake of drama.

    Looper, on the other hand, is first and foremost an action film and focusses on the drama between the characters rather than the time travel. This would be fine, however, the movie is so full of plot holes and paradoxes from a lack of understanding of time that the whole movie ends up breaking down when you think about it too much.

    So, for me, primer is far better than looper, because although its confusing, the directors of primer did not have to constantly change the laws of nature to write a good film

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