Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Scandal in Bohemia

Writing this on phone on the train from Prague to Nurnberg. Will be posted when next near wifi. Still blows me away what technology allows us to do via phones, wifi and internet. Two days in Prague were fantastic. Great little apartment in the centre of The Old Town (well done Rachie!).

Yesterday was a full day: crossed Charles Bridge and walked up to castle; breakfast while waving at commuters in trams (Frey got 5 people one one tram to wave back and the driver to flash his lights!); changing of the guard at the castle before getting a rip-off taxi back down to river costing around £25 for a 5 minute ride (hence title of this post); gentle boat trip along the Vltava while enjoying a beer; lunch at the Kafka museum (F on trampoline); short walk to John Lennon wall (pictured) before back to Charles Bridge. Next a treat: a whirlwind sight-seeing tour of Prague in the back of a bright red open top kit car. It's a replica of a 1930's Skoda model. Very fun! Back over the bridge for a rest in the apartment before popping out for dinner beneath the tower that overlooks the old square. Long, tiring, but great fun of a day!

Chance to rest the feet today on the 5 hours train journey to Nurnberg, watching the green English-looking countryside ease by.

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