Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Facebook: My arse

Now that I no longer smoke, I'm hardly ever asked this anymore, but when I did smoke, like most smokers, I would often be asked the question, "Got a match?". And every now and again, I would get great pleasure out of answering, "yeah, your face and my arse...". I would usually still have a broad grin on my face after my questioner removed his fist from it.

These days, whenever I now see or hear the mention of the social networking website Facebook it for some reason makes me think of that brilliantly childish response to a polite request for a match. And what's worse, I'm now hearing about Facebook more and more. Over the last month or so, I have been receiving requests from people inviting me to join them as a "friend" on Facebook. I deleted these email requests until I eventually relented when I received one from my brother.

Now that I am registered on Facebook I have, get ready for this... 10 "friends"! Count them. Ten. And one of them is my own brother! I know what you're thinking... these are just people I know who happen to be registered on Facebook and have a little too much time on their hands. But no, these are real "friends". I know that they are real "friends", because Facebook says so.

And, thanks to Facebook, I can find out when my "friends" are becoming "friends" with other people, what groups they are joining, when they are adding photos to their pages, and when they are adding or removing Facebook applications. I wonder if it can also tell me when any of my "friends" are wiping their arse? I have a feeling it probably can.

Social networking sites are all the rage these days... Facebook has something like 28 million registered users while it seems there are over 100 million registered on MySpace. Whatever. I can't see it catching on myself. Anyway, gotta go, one of my good "friends" is mid-wipe.


  1. Assume you had to go because your friend had run out of toilet paper mid wipe?

  2. LOL don't you just love foreign spammers?

    I am actually registered on facebook, but only since a couple of days ago because one of my friends wanted to me to sign up. That person is the only 'friend' I have on the site. I must not be very popular.

    Waste of time anyway.

  3. You clearly have one more friend than me as no-one has invited me to join them as a friend on face book :o(

  4. I'm a member of Myspace, originally co-erced into joining because a friend (a real one that is) suggested I join his forum. After three months of frantic profile adjustments and trying to accumulate as many friends as possible in a desire to feel popular, I am now completely sick of the whole thing. Even without the spammers, the NewSpeak txt mssge dialogue, the perpetual friend requests from a picture of an arse called 'Darla', the whole thing is about as substantial and meaningful as a fart in a thunderstorm.

    Boo to Myspace and Facebook. Yay to real friends and actual social interaction.

  5. My daughters recently introduced me to facebook.
    Ha ha..true about getting so many 'friends'.
    Even having my profile on friends only is not enough to stop the flow.
    Friends of friends of friends appear like magic all wanting to know when you last blew your nose.
    Disabled my account now and wont be going back.
    My real friends on there can find me elsewhere and I dont have to read how many times they passed wind in the last hour.