Sunday, 14 October 2007

Where does the time go?

What happened to September?! A minute ago it was August, and now it's October!


"What was that?"

"That was your life, mate!"

"Really? Do I get another one?"

"Sorry, mate, that's your lot!"


  1. not according to Anthony Peake. You get to have your life again.
    Quote from web page

    "However these are 'near' death experiences, not the real thing. Could the real thing involve similar sensations with one major difference - the 'life review' is presented in a minute-by-minute re-living of the observer's life? Could it be that the glutamate flood slows time perception down to such an extent that the observer - in the final split second of their life - lives a whole lifetime again within a holographically generated facsimile of the original?"

    quote taken from his book "Is there life after death" which you can down load for free from

  2. One shot is all you get so make the most of it and try to be as happy as you can.

  3. Well you have some control on what your experience of time is. So although you can not change what has been made quantifiable by humans, you can at least try to take some time to slow your experience of time. Many meditate, some read books, going to the cinema, being lost in music, sensory deprivation, relaxation. There are so many, but its finding your own tool. Maybe the guitar!!!!

    If you are a busy bee then you will have to accept that time is going to fly quickly. The more you take on, the faster it goes. Especially when ones life involves deadlines, meetings etc.

    Bit difficult to control time in this work crazed society. Well at least we have the lovely corporations reminding us its Christmas soon. December is already knocking at the door! Avoid supermarkets and shops for as long as you can!! :-)

  4. It only feels like a few weeks since I graduated but no, its been 6 months since my last exam!

    Its also been one month since the last post. Keep up!