Tuesday, 11 August 2009

The price of wisdom

Am I being a grumpy old man or is 50 quid a lot to pay to listen to a talk? It's the ticket price for An Evening with Deepak Chopra at the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester next month. I'm sure it would be very interesting and uplifting, and I'd like to go, but £50 seems rather steep, don't you think?

Deepak Chopra has written over 50 books on spiritual topics ranging from love, healing, life after death, and so on. Indeed, two of his books are sat on the bookshelf in front of me (SynchroDestiny and The Book of Secrets). So maybe he can justify the £50 price-tag and I'm sure he'll fill the 2,400-seater hall. But it is a shame that he (or rather the organisations surrounding him) is charging a price that will mean a lot of people who would really benefit from hearing what he has to say are put off.

Anyway, if you're not put off, here is the link to the event via which you can book a seat. I doubt I'll end up going myself, but if I do I'll be the one tutting under my breath and moaning about the price of the ice-creams.


  1. Oh no that's way too expensive isn't it.
    How much would you charge for one of your talks?
    I'll bring my own icecream!

  2. I wouldn't charge a penny over £49.99... and offer free ice-cream!

  3. Half price for members of your support group surely...and vanilla for me please!

  4. You're being a grumpy old man... ;o)


  5. Oh good one Spiritual Junkie..I wouldn't charge a penny over £49.99... and offer free ice-cream.

    That had me roaring with laughter.lol.

    enn...ha ha ...love it..chocolate for me please.

    £50 is very expensive.

  6. It is all about marketing... a small charge would be viewed as devaluaing the experience, whereas a charge of £50 will be seen as paying for quality...

    Makes me smile that people who claim to be spritual beings allow themselves to get caught up in the marketing money machine...

  7. Yes, it's far too much!!! Deepak's stuff doesn't really impress me very much, I'm afraid. I'm very much into being my own guru nowadays, although one of my favorite spiritual writers is Chogyam Trunpga. Brilliant Buddhist writer who was a womanizer and died of alchoholism. Nowe that's my kind of guru!

    Are you going to the SPR this year?

  8. Hi Matt,

    Only just seen this... don't know when you left the comment as it only shows the time, not the date!

    Not planning on going to the SPR this year, but would be good to catch up in person some time.