Friday, 6 November 2009

Television history

Tonight, the medium Derek Acorah will attempt to contact the spirit of Michael Jackson in a live seance to be broadcast on Sky1 at 10pm. Here's the trailer:

I wonder if they'll have a parapsychologist on there as an observer...?


  1. I think Derek has sunk to a new low and I didn't think he could get much lower!


    p.s. copy and paste this for a 'parapsychologist observer' blast from the past - bless u :-)(about 4 mins in, if it works)

  3. Um er...At least Derek didn't moonwalk.

    Good to see you back on our screens again Matthew.

  4. I wonder if Derek shouted out at some point, "Micky loves Dick!"

  5. Fellow spiritual junkie here. I am a newbie to your blog but I too am going through a mid-life crisis slash spiritual awakening as we speak. This, of course, depends on the interpretation. My ex thinks it's a mid-life crisis as do my parents and some friends. My band of reiki practising, tarot card reading white witch Buddhist chanters would of course say otherwise. Having dipped in and out of your blog I hope you don't mind me saying you remind me a little of me. See what you think if you ever have time to pop over to the semi-fictional blog from the beginning might make a little more sense...
    Best of luck X