Monday, 8 December 2008

Please don't judge me!

I have used this blog to confess something before. I've got to do it again. I'm not proud, but I have to get it off my chest. I really hope you won't judge me. Promise me you won't judge me?

It happened on Saturday evening around 5.30. I'm not proud but... I watched Hole in the Wall. Look I said I'm not proud.

You've not seen it? Then let me try to describe it to you. Two teams of "celebrities" (if you watch it you'll understand my use of the quotes) compete to avoid getting knocked into a pool of water by a wall moving towards them. Now here's the thing... there is a hole in the wall. The only way to avoid getting knocked into the water is to assume a pose that matches the shape of the hole. And that's it! It is quite spectacularly awful television. But, and here's my only defence. It is strangely watchable.

When the guests have no chance of making the shape, it becomes even more watchable. Like when Vanessa Feltz, clad in bacofoil jumpsuit, wouldn't fit through any of the holes. Should be interesting next week when the guests are Stevie Wonder and Stephen Hawking.


  1. Cant judge you on watching the show as I watch reality tv...enough said.
    However,now I want to watch Hole in the wall.Oh the shame.
    I have you to thank if my family happen upon me as I sit watching it.
    Oh dear....what if I like it?!!

    Stevie Wonder and Stephen Hawking...oh that is bad.ha ha.

  2. I just watched five minutes then had a decision to z list slebs wearing costumes that dont leave much to the imagination!!!or watch Tottenham v Man contest.!!