Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Comic genius

I think I might have had a sense of humour bypass without realising it. Last weekend I caught the result of Britain's Got Talent having managed to skilfully avoid the whole thing until that point. It wasn't so much the shock defeat for Susan Boyle that caught my attention, rather the phenomenon that is Stavros Flatley. YouTube won't let me embed the better quality clips of their Final act (which you can view here), so apologies for the poor quality of the clip:

Each time I watch this clip, my sides ache with pain as I guffaw at the sheer comedy genius that this father and son display with their moves in time to the Riverdance music. You read that right folks, they dance to the Riverdance music! And they're a fat father and son! It's funnier than a whole weekend of The Vicar of Dibley crammed into a minute and a half.

1 comment:

  1. Comic genius..? lol.

    I suppose not having watched the whole series saved you from seeing how not so funny they are when they do the same thing over and over.

    Still..they did make me titter with their first peformance and much better them in the final than the stripper or the idiot who drilled his nose.eek!!