Thursday, 2 July 2009

I can't decide

I'm currently enjoying reading Dave Gorman's latest book, America Unchained (another birthday present from Rachel!). It chronicles his attempt to drive across the USA avoiding all the big Chains. This means he doesn't allow himself to stay in any of the Chain motels and, more of a challenge, he's not allowed to fill up his car at any of the Chain gas stations.

The trip was inspired by an earlier stint in the States in which Gorman had lamented how the big Chains had taken over America at the cost of independent owners of motels, gas stations, and so on.

As I say, I'm really enjoying the book but was distracted from its pages the other evening when I heard Dave Gorman's voice coming from the TV. He was providing the voiceover for an ad for Sainsbury's Homebase, a large chain of DIY stores in the UK.

I couldn't decide whether that was a little ironic or a tad hypocritical...?


  1. Ironic I would say. His lamentations are about the US not the UK. If he lived there and drove across the UK to write a book then the boot would be on the other foot so to speak.

    I am assuming this book was paid for...!

  2. Hypocritical... definitely! It is all about money... money for the book, money for the ad... doesn't matter as long as he is being paid for it.