Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Fourth time lucky?

For Valentine's Day Rachel booked a balloon flight for us (aaahhh...).

That was Valentine's Day 2008 and we still haven't yet been up in a balloon! Not for want of trying... so far we have booked three times but the weather has stopped us from taking off. In fact, we have not even got so far as even seeing a balloon, as the procedure involves you calling a number two hours before going to the launch site to make sure the launch is going ahead. Each time we have been told by the recorded message that it is too windy and that we should re-book. Personally, I'm not convinced Mr Branson even owns any balloons! (What about the balloon in the picture on the right I hear you ask... two words: "photo" and "shop".)

Today will be our fourth attempt. I'm a little more hopeful as the weather over the past few days has been glorious (although today is a little cloudy), and now that we are 'dahn saaf' we are due to launch from near Glastonbury. Our previous attempts were up in the Lake District (beautiful scenery but balloon-unfriendly weather).

I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I've heard that works.


  1. That sounds really romantic and exciting.Goodluck!(lets hope you don't get lost,you can borrow my sat-nav!)

  2. I had a similar experience with cancellations but did get off the ground eventually.
    You do realise you have to help pack the balloon up afterwards don't you.....or was that just me?!
    Please do enjoy our Southern scenery :)

  3. Aren't you supposed to do these things for her rather than the other way round on Valentine's Day? You clearly have a neat little system going, mate, good for you.

    I do wonder though if this is a cae of PK in operation on a grand scale. Secretly you are scared witless at the prospect of going in a balloon and are causing the wind to blow so hard that you don't have to show your beloved what a pathetic jelly you become at 2,000 feet!