Monday, 12 April 2010

Skeptical Skousers

On Thursday this week, I will be returning to Liverpool to give a talk about the 'Million Dollar Psychic' project to the Merseyside Skeptics Society. In fact, it's my first public talk about the project so it's nice to be doing it in the city in which I have spent much of my adult life.

The talk begins at 8pm but earlier in the day I plan to try some psychometry. This, so the psychics tell us, where you try to pick up information about someone just from handling an object (like a ring, or a watch) that belongs to that person. I'm not making any claims about being able to do it but I need to practice at any opportunity I get!

The plan is to film my attempts and reveal how I got on as part of the talk in the evening. Nothing lik a little public scrutiny to help relax me...!

It's all happening at The Vines at 8pm on Thursday 15th April. More details here.


  1. Good luck with it. I have been to someone who practices psychometry..was not impressed as she cold read all the way.

    Will you be the one who will prove its all

  2. I went to see Tony Stockwell at one of his shows where he did a demonstration on psychometry.He was able to pick up that somebody had a toy emu as a kid.Hardly a box standard reading.I was very impressed !

    Good luck Matthew !

  3. aah, the old 'toy emu' ruse... I'll remember that one for Thursday.

  4. Yes it's the obvious choice and the quickest way to ruffle a few feathers.

  5. Cam i was thinking the same.Come on Matthew, reveal all! Apparently Derek Acorah once did a psychometry reading for Cher and she was so impressed with him she gave him a red ring which he wears today.However i still sit on the fence when it comes to Derek, hence my recent blog on my own wall.So Matthew are you still the open-minded skeptic or have you finally been enlightened!?

  6. Apologies for not updating sooner... The talk seemed to go ok. And the psychometry was fun. Quite a few misses but one or two hits that, while they could easily be explained by chance, I'm taking as encouraging!

  7. Thanks.Sounds like you had a great time.I can see you becoming a bit of an expert on psychometry. Before you know it, you will be charging people to come and see you doing demonstrations!

  8. Glad it all went okay.I agree,is encouraging you got a couple of hits.
    As time goes on...if you improve..surely it cant all be put down to chance?

    Charging people Donna....he will end up on the BP site..ha ha.