Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Righteous Indignation

Ahead of Thursday's talk at the Merseyside Skeptics Society I was interviewed for this week's Righteous Indignation Podcast. The whole podcast lasts a little over an hour and includes plenty of discussion about the importance of critical thinking when it comes to making sense of the various claims that are often made about the paranormal and so on.

The interview with me is towards the end, and starts at around 45 minutes. And, no, I wasn't speaking from inside a metal box.


  1. Interesting talk. I wish all sceptics were as open minded as you are.
    Too many times sceptics dismiss things out of hand without looking into each event properly.

  2. Hey, I;m coming on Thursday Matthew & am looking forward to it. Though you probably already knew that... ;o)

    E. x