Friday, 22 April 2011


When I tell folks about the 'Million Dollar Psychic' project, one person's name often gets mentioned. "You're learning to become psychic? Oh, you mean like that Derren Brown chap...?" Now, I'm not sure if this is because the people I'm speaking to think that I am wanting to learn to appear psychic. To these people, I clarify that the aim of the project is to see if I can actually discover 'genuine' psychic ability (if such a thing exists).

Alternatively, of course, it may be that they believe that Derren Brown achieves his impressive feats by using his own psychic abilities! This would be surprising, indeed, as Mr Brown is quite scathing about psychics and mediums and often presents his work as a demonstration of how a range of techniques can be used to create the effect of genuine mind-reading and so on.

It would be a touch ironic if many of his fans actually believed he might be genuinely psychic!


  1. But then, maybe he is! If he's learnt to improve his intuition it's very similar learning to 'tune in' .....wonder if it's one of those 'chicken and egg' things.

  2. Its his critics that say he must be really psychic.I suppose they cant handle that what they claim to be paramormal is easily done normally.

    Anon.doubt it as Derren states exactly what he is doing.

  3. As I read through the programme from last night's show, I notice there is a bit called 'Ask the Mentalist' in which DB responds to questions asked of him. One such question, from Jodie in Huddersfield, is "If you could have any superpower what would it be and why?". His answer: "Maybe to read minds for real. Would make all of this a lot easier."

    You and me both, Dezzer. You and me both...

  4. I'd hate to be able to read minds it'd drive me nuts... finding out what people really think of you & what's really happening in their lives & other stuff you just don't want to know about