Thursday, 28 April 2011

To flow or not to flow?

I was just getting used to the idea of 'going with the flow'. I had started to become quite comfortable with the notion that these four words actually carried with them a quite profound philosophy of how to go about one's daily life. Going with the flow meant accepting those things in life that were outside of my control. It meant learning not to resist change, and it meant allowing events to unfold naturally rather than trying to exert unnecessary control over them. At first, this was sometimes a difficult approach to take, as we all like to do what we can to gain as much control as possible in an attempt to handle life's uncertainties.

And then I go and flick through The Rules of Life by Richard Templar. Rule 10: Only dead fish swim with the stream. He seems to suggest that, in fact, 'going with the flow' isn't all it is cracked up to be, and we shouldn't let ourselves be 'swept away', but instead that life is supposed to be a struggle.

So which is it? To flow or not to flow? That is the question.


  1. To flow:

  2. Life is a struggle then you die so no point trying to change things you cant.I go with the flow with a teeny bit of fighting to gain control thrown in so I dont feel I have given up trying.