Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Fart in a Bucket Tuesday!

After Friday the 13th last week, and Blue Monday, yesterday was a far more uplifting day. It was a day that free from superstition, PR spin, and pseudo-scientific equations. 

It was, of ourse, Fart In a Bucket Tuesday! (#FIBT). The only rule of #FIBT was to play from your heart. Say it how it is. Be true. And spread the love. Or in the words of one key person of influence, a day of saying F**k It Big Time!

Update 18 Jan 2017: Here at #FIBT HQ, we were pleased to see the sentiment of #FIBT spill over to the following day. Remember, saying it how it is is not just for Tuesdays. It's for any day of the week!

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