Friday, 13 January 2017

Smoke or don't smoke


Some years ago, in what feels like a previous lifetime, I used to smoke. In fact, in the archives/annals/bowels of this blog you will find a blog post or two noting this. Whilst there were times when I really did enjoy a cigarette (such as after the first sip of a pint of beer...), by and large I wasn't a 'natural' smoker. I smoked, but I felt I perhaps shouldn't smoke. I knew it was bad for me, it cost money I couldn't really afford, and it made my hair and clothes smell. But still I smoked.

A dear friend of mine then said, "smoke, or don't smoke...". I asked him to say more. "Smoke, or don't smoke... it's  a choice.  But, if you choose to smoke, don't feel guilty. Either smoke and be OK with it, don't smoke and be OK with it." Years later, it is a phrase I find I am using in a range of contexts.

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  1. Quitting the fags? Here's one to ponder:

    Smoke or Don't Smoke. There is no try.

    #Yoda and all that. And a big thank you to G.