Saturday, 21 January 2017

Stand Up Saturday

Continuing what is becoming a theme. Let's make today 'Stand Up Saturday'? A day to Stand Up for what you believe in. A day to Stand Up for what you feel in your heart to be right. A day to Stand Up for Yourself.
There is plenty already happening around the globe today along these lines. What will you do? 


  1. Great post and great message.

    Are there ways to help the apathetic and the lost souls to find what they believe in?

  2. Hi Dan
    Thank you for the comment, and so happy to have you as part of the blog. And what a question! You're assuming I might have answers :-) All I can do is express ideas and words as they form as I write...

    A key word here is 'heart'. Where does your heart lie? Allow yourself to see where that question takes you. What is important to you? If an answer doesn't come quickly. Be patient... It will. The fact that the question is being asked is what is important. :-)

  3. Speaking of apathy... I am reminded of a story told by one of my former colleagues at Liverpool Hope University.

    In a lecture on mental 'illness', he noted that apathy was one of the aspects associated with depression. After the lecture, a student approached him to ask what the word 'apathy' meant. "I've always wondered what the word meant..." said the student, "but I could never be bothered to look it up".