Saturday, 3 March 2007


OK. So it only took me 6 months from setting up this blog to actually writing my first blog, but I finally made it!

Some of you I guess I know. Hello mum, dad, everyone who knows me, etc. (had to get that out of the way...) And hopefully, in time, there will be some of you who don't know me. In which case, hi... it's nice to meet you. I hope all of you get something out of these pages. If you do, please post a comment.

I guess some of may be wondering what it's all about. I know I am. And I don't just mean what this blog is going to be about (although that too!).

I'm referring to what's IT all about. Life. What are we here for? Is there a point to any of it? Well, that's what this blog is going to be about... at least in part. As with any other blog, I guess I'll also use it keep a record of life in general. So it might end up being a random collection of the thoughts by a man going through a mid-life crisis. Or it might end up being an important contribution to the ongoing discussion of the meaning of life! (I know what my money is on.)

Anyway, glad you could make it. Enjoy the ride.

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