Saturday, 3 March 2007

Jesus Christ!

No, I'm not being blasphemous. But I just wanted to record the news that apparently they've only gone and found the big man's coffin! Yes, they have actually discovered the no-so-final resting place of JC himself. The number one, top dog, big cheese, etc., etc.

It would appear they discovered the coffin in Jerusalem back in 1980, and it's only because James Cameron (the Hollywood director behind
Terminator and Titanic) has made a TV documentary about it that it is now making the news!

Suffice to say archaeologists and theologians (i.e., the coffin boffins) aren't convinced. According to the BBC News website, the claim that the limestone box really did belong to Our Saviour seems to rest upon the idea that the coffin was found in a burial cave alongside other coffins marked with the names
Mary, Matthew, Jesua son of Joseph, Mary, Jofa (Joseph, Jesus' brother), and Judah son of Jesua.

What I liked was James Cameron's comment that finding all these coffins together was like finding a grave marked Ringo next to others marked John, Paul and George.

So does this mean that Jesus is finally as big as The Beatles again?

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