Friday, 25 September 2009

Pick a card

With just over week to go before the psychic fair, I think I'm just about able to remember the basic meanings of each of the 78 tarot cards. This has been aided by a nifty little memory system based on one described by our good friend Derren Brown in his book Tricks of the Mind!

I guess there's only one way to find out how much I remember... Care to call out a card?


  1. Pick the eighth card from the top please.

    No idea if thats how to do it or

    Good luck.

  2. I only know two cards the death one and the lovers one.....or hang there one with a tower? I call the tower!

  3. Eighth card from the top of the deck on front of me is the 4 of Pentacles... I can tell you that this card relates to... 'stability' (and in the reversed position 'limitation'). So if this card turned up in a reading I would say something about how events in your life are becoming more stable after a period of unrest!

  4. Enn: The tower. An interesting choice. This card relates to sudden endings, disaster and surrender.

    Btw, the lovers card relates to decisions, love (surprise, surprise!), growth and maturity.

    The death card, if I remember, signifies change, resolution, reflection, endings and beginnings (not specifically death itself!).

    These are all part of the major arcana (but you knew that, right?).

    Since you ask (!) The minor arcana consist of the four suits of Cups, Pentacles, Swords and Wands. In each suit you have Ace to Ten, and then the Page, Knight, Quen and King.

    So pick another card, and I'll see if I can remember its meaning...!

  5. Oh yes I knew that of course (not!)
    Only remembered those 3 from the James Bond movie!

    I'll have the Ten of Tentacles sorry Pentacles please.

  6. Ten of Pentacles... another interesting choice ;-) This card relates to inheritance and happiness (reversed I think it's to do with family conflict). The suit of Pentacles generally relates to money and security.

    Of course, I could tell you anything and you wouldn't know the difference!!

    Another? I'm on a roll...

  7. Yes you could but then I could easily go and look them up for myself to test what you have said!

    The Ace of Cups for me please and for lifes third card from the top.

  8. Ace of Cups is an easy one! Love! So could indicate falling in love with a person or an idea. Also could relate to a spiritual calling. Can also indicate pregnancy or motherhood.

    And for Lifes... the 3rd card down is The World (from the Major Arcana): Completion, celebration, success and rewards. Projects are completed and rewards a reaped! A good card!

  9. Easy rather than interesting that time eh! Thought I would give you an easy one seeing as you are doing so well.

    Last one for today - the two of Swords now just how interesting is that?

  10. A good one to end on (and interesting...). Two of Swords indicates a truce (but if reversed it has something to do with suspicion.

    So let's call it a truce... for now!

  11. Will do! Thanks for the interesting interpretations :)

  12. four of clubs please

  13. 4 of clubs? Trick question? Clubs don't feature in the tarot... unless there's a whole other suit I didn't know about!!

    4 of Cups: Boredom (reversed: Apathy)
    4 of Pentacles: Stability (reversed: Limitation)
    4 of Swords: Recovery (reversed: Illness, disruption)
    4 of Wands: Satisfaction (reversed: Postponement)


  14. Forget the book and the scripted meanings, relax and wait for the cards to speak to you. It's the story that counts because the 'meanings' are all subject to the influences of the other cards in the spread and the querant also has an influence. Which spread will you use?

  15. Querant??

    I'm planning on using the Celtic Cross. It sounds like you know a bit about tarot... do you suggest turning all cards in the spread face up at the same time or one card at a time?

    I understand what you say about relaxing, but what if the cards don't speak to me? Or it's an inaudible whisper? And I appreciate the comment about the story...any hints?

  16. Thank you for the readings.

    ''I can tell you that this card relates to... 'stability' (and in the reversed position 'limitation'). So if this card turned up in a reading I would say something about how events in your life are becoming more stable after a period of unrest!''

    Nah...must have been reversed lol.

    The second one with celebrations
    is a bit more like it as we do have a celebration to look forward to.

    Good luck when you do your readings.Look forward to hearing how you got on.

  17. The querant is the person you're doing the reading for.
    Celtic cross is the commonest, but it's quite complex particularly as the cards influence each other.
    Turn all the cards over at once and see which are the major arcana - that's the skeleton of your reading cos they're the most important and the minor's put the flesh on the bones. Look and see which suit predominates,that will give you a clue about the averall focus of the reading - love/work/ relationships etc.
    Remember there are usually only ever a few questions - will I meet/have I met Mr Right? Should I change jobs? - you know the sort of stuff.
    Don't be too intellectual about it, trust your instincts. You know how you relax your eyes to 'see' one of those 3-D pics? well do the same with your consciousness - make it fuzzy-focus. Bit of a cross between day-dreaming and the feeling you get when you've had just a little too much to drink! Usually a story begins to form - as you say, sometimes a whisper, but sometimes it's quite insistent. Beware of the querant who hangs on your every word - they often want you to take responsibility for their lives and will want you to tell them what to do. Maybe tell people you're doing this for a bet, be a little lighthearted, don't let them take you too seriously. Wear the gypsy skirt and the ear rings maybe?
    If you have time read 78 degrees of wisdom by Rachel Polack or anthing by Mary Greer. The little white books are useless - you wouldn't learn to ride a bike or play the piano from a little white book.....
    And good luck - can't wait to hear how it goes.

  18. Wow! Some great advice. Lots of help there!

    I particularly like the magic-eye picture analogy... gives me lots to work with.

    Thank you!