Sunday, 17 January 2010

A piece of cake

Wow, a full month since I last blogged! But it doesn't mean I've not being doing anything, just because I haven't got round to blogging about it. In fact, I've begun to wonder about our need to tell others about what we're up to through blogs, twitter and, my personal favourite, Facebook. Why do some of us have the need to update friends and strangers with our latest activities, even if it's just to say that we're feeling tired or that we're looking forward to eating a piece of cake?

Anyway, Christmas and New Year were both great (thank you for asking). The big decision we made on returning to the homestead (i.e., the flat) was that we were going to move south. As is often the case with decisions like this, we had probably made the decision some time back, but now was the time for action. We gave our month's notice on the flat (i.e., the homestead), so we'll be upping sticks at the beginning of February. We haven't got a house to move to yet, but Rachel's parents have very kindly said we can stay with them until we get somewhere. So if anyone knows of a house for rent in the Oxfordshire region, you know what to do...

Anyway, I'm tired. Where's that cake?


  1. We thought you'd died...

  2. You seem surprised (and a little disappointed) that I hadn't... :-)

  3. Welcome back! Good luck with finding a house. Does it have to be Oxfordshire? Glos and Wilts are highly recommended.

    I love cake!

  4. Welcome back,very best of luck with the move.

    Why do we feel the need to share our lives with others? No idea..ego?
    Blogging I like but not so keen on twits and faces.

  5. Thanks for the well wishes! It doesn't have to be Oxfordshire, but that's top of the list at the moment.