Wednesday, 27 January 2010

The iPad

Already got an iPod and an iPhone? Next thing you'll want is an iPad, launched today. Although it's bigger than an iPhone, I don't think it's quite as big as it appears in this clip.


  1. Im not sure if I like the I pad...sounds like a sanitary pad/napkin...

    So I think I wont be running off to buy it. LoL


  2. Afraid I can't get excited by this. There'll be something even more impressive next month. Even Jobs didn't seem too animated when demonstrating it. I really didn't believe all those albums were his, you just know some assistant loaded them all to make him seem cool.

    Looks like they are already having trouble with the name, not realising someone else came up with it already. Not exactly the most original was it?

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  4. Nerds are never animated...

    How about when they watch Zena Warrior Princess?