Thursday, 8 July 2010

Become a psychic spy

Fifteen years ago, the world learned that the United States government had been funding research into psychic ability to the tune of around $20 million. That's a lot of cash to spend on something that many people think doesn't even exist! The reason the government was prepared to invest such a huge sum of money was because of the possible 'operational value' of psychic powers. That is, if such abilities were for real then surely you could train soldires to become 'psychic spies'!

Of course, when we talk about these things in the context of the US government, the CIA, then we don't talk about such things as psychic powers or psychic spies. Instead, we talk about 'remote viewers'. This sounds much more technical and militaristic.

The government-funded remote viewing research, under the project name of STARGATE, was declassified in 1994. It emerged that

So do you fancy yourself as a psychic spy? In fact, perhaps you are a trained remote viewer who, since the STARGATE project came to an end, has been waiting for a call to come down the line to be reactivated. If so, you might want to contact the Remote Viewing Institute in Germany. They are on the look out for remote viewers to take part in a research project. Drop them an email at

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