Wednesday, 7 July 2010

So long, and thanks for all the fish!

When you watch something like this, you've got to think that the dolphins are just toying with us...

As I typed the title of this post, I discovered I had also used it for a post last year! (The one where I announce my decision to leave my job.) Given that Douglas Adams' original use of the phrase was with reference to dolphins, it makes a lot more sense here.


  1. If you are stuck in a tank you have to do what you can to survive. (Think the Cooler King in The Great Escape with that baseball). Don't assume that this is an expresion of pleasure - they are trying to say 'get me the fuck out of here!' in the only way they can. Free the dolphins NOW.

  2. Neat! Reminds me of Lyall Watson's story about a dolphin which, mimicking a guy blowing smoke at the glass tank from a cigarette, took some of it's mothers milk and blew it right back at him. Clever little critters's the lab mice you need to worry about though...

  3. Awww I love dolphins. I agree with Rachel Brown though.They should be free especially as they are so clever.They must go insane when they are in captivity.

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