Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Wake up!

Speaking of dreams within dreams, I have just re-read a potentially life-changing little book called Lucid Living by Tim Freke (yes, it's pronounced 'Freak'). The essence of this book is to suggest that our experience of everyday reality is, itself, much like a dream. In a dream, we are typically blissfully unaware that we are dreaming. We get caught up in the dramas of our dreamworld, and it is only when we wake up do we realise that we had, in fact, been dreaming!

Unless, that is, you are having what is called a 'lucid dream'. In a lucid dream you know that you are dreaming. And then, once you're aware that you are dreaming, you can even consciously control the dream.

Lucid living applies this idea to our waking experience. If your experience of everyday reality is like a dream, then you can 'wake up' in the dream and live your life more consciously. Mr Freke calls this state of consciousness being 'deep awake'.

Now, I don't know about you, but the idea of lucid living really strikes a chord with me. There have been maybe one or two times in my life when I have felt to be in this 'ultra-conscious' state that Freke calls being deep awake. In this state, the world just seems to be a very different place, and life does seem to resemble a waking dream. I guess the challenge is to find ways of achieving this state of awareness on a more permanent basis.


  1. Seems that playing video games before going to bed can aid lucid dreaming! http://bit.ly/9UEUJu

  2. The 'ultra-conscious' state is mind blowing, does he suggest you can live like that all the time? I want to know how! I guess I should just read the book.

  3. He calls it being 'deep awake'. Have a read of the book and see what you think! x

  4. Sounds very like the Buddhist idea of Samsara to me -- or that the basic 'bundles' of consciousness sort of act in concert to produce a cyclical six-realm sort of 'simulation.' See also G.I. Gurdijeff's comments about explecting fairness and decency on a planet of sleeping people!

  5. I get this now and again along with many other things, very interesting to read about it. I used to think it was in some kind of regular cycle but it seems not. I thought it was every 50 days or so, but sometimes you get 2 - what i call, good days - say 10 days apart before a break again. On these good days, it's like you jump into the future on a conscious level whilst still being in the present. Anything goes on these days, nothing seems unsolvable, whatever you want to happen in your life or even in the entire world does. Much like an OBE but much less focused and more in control of yourself and much less localized powerful.... perhaps hyper gamma not epsilon or something??? I forget, it's late at night. Must keep a diary...

    Really, I should stop being so lazy - or just being in life in general - and write a book rather than wait for a tinkering workshop to manifest so I can fix the energy problem, almost there i think. Need to think up some more questions to ask myself.

    As for enlightenment... been there done that, not fun, I don't advise although if you really want get your life in order, forgive yourself of everything and come to terms with everything to be neutral and true to yourself then just be intuitive, probably helps if you were born this way and are open minded! Enlightenment is really just the start.... What's the ultimate answer or universal rule, well god (or insert fave word here) is the other bit (be it large or small) that exists to keep the light / dark in check! Why was that interesting, although why the bad stuff happens in the world can be a burden. Basically, just get on with life
    Reminds me... must try and write some films as well or at least write up a list of the interesting ones to watch / books to read - thinking sergei lukyanenko here, esp the 3rd book. BTW, just read something else on this blog, the 4th book is way more Интересно than the ideas in inception.

    Lucid dreaming - Food works best, I have one always works recipe...
    Oil and sliced sirloin steak until sealed - empty pan, oil, onion, finely chopped ginger, semi cooked potato - fry for 3-4 mins a bit then water, demerara sugar, chinese rice wine and simmer for 30 mins or so to reduce then at the end add light soy sauce, serve with boiled rice. Probably helps if you are a sensitive type.
    OK, enough secrets need to save something for the book ;)

    Right, back to studying Russian abroad in a country with extremely different energy, I give up trying to find a local psychic meet up group - how i got here. Interesting blog... it's not usual that I reveal anything to anyone, hope you find interesting - in 2 ways ;)
    It's always nice to get people comment on your blog.