Saturday, 14 August 2010

It's a mystery...

Rachel and I have signed up to become 'mystery' shoppers! You know, those people whose job it is to go into shops, restaurants, banks, and so on and assess the level of customer service. Rachel likes to think of it as being paid to shop. The company who we have signed up with asks all their applicants to complete a short test before they take you on. Seems fair enough. There are twenty multiple-choice questions about various aspects of the role of the mystery shopper. As you have to get all twenty questions correct to pass, it is just as well that they are all fairly easy.

Apart from one. One of them is tricky. Or at least I found it rather tricky. It was the first question in a section testing language abilities. This is because "being able to provide comments using correct English is vital...". Again, fair enough. The question is: 
Please select the incorrect sentence:

a. We'll see you on Wednesday.
b. I speak Spanish very badly.
c. I like the weather here in Winter.
d. Paul is an excellent golfer.
Which answer would you go for?


  1. How can you be a mystery shopper when you have just told everyone!?

  2. I guess a) because one is not we.
    Oh and Paul is very bad at golf.

  3. I'm surprised at you, Matt. As a psychologist you know these tests aren't really testing what they say they are. This wasn't about your standard of English but was assessing a deep character trait, depending on which one you chose.

  4. Ooh had to really look..I would say C as winter should not have a capital W.

    Good one enn.

    ha ha Tom.

    Never heard of mystery shopper.As Donna said,not so much of a mystery

  5. Lifes... you got it! I must admit I didn't get it first time. I couldn't see anything wrong with any of them!

    I figure I'll be OK if I just do Summer assignments...

  6. I had to look for a while before I spotted