Monday, 9 August 2010

The week ahead...

As a little 'experiment' (using the term in its loosest sense) I thought I would use my new(ish) tarot cards to tell me a little something about what lies ahead for me this week. According to the little book that came with the deck of cards I bought (The Golden Tarot by Liz Dean if you're interested...), I can do an eight card spread for the week ahead:
For fast insight in the near future, this popular spread uses a central Significator card. A Significator sums up the meaning of a reading, so in this spread it reveals the dominant influences in your week ahead. The other seven cards each relate to one day of the week. To begin, shuffle and cut the cards. Lay down the Significator card first, followed by seven cards clockwise as shown. Interpret the Significator first, then the cards for each day of the week in any order you choose. (p. 8)
So. It seemed like a reasonable thing to try! My eight-card spread is shown in the picture (right). In case it's not clear to make out each of the cards, the 'Significator', the card in the centre is the Eight of Swords. Then, starting with the card in the one o'clock position relating to Monday and going clockwise, we have the Ace of Pentacles (Monday), Six of Wands (Tuesday), Six of Swords (Wednesday), Two of Swords (Thursday), Ten of Swords (Friday), King of Wands [reversed] (Saturday), Ten of Pentacles (Sunday).

Now, I have just read with interest what the book says these cards are supposed to mean. But I wondered if any of you folks with more experience of reading tarot cards might have some thoughts?


  1. What spread is that? and where were you, were all the cards reversed? Your significator is 8 of swords -- blinded by possibilities, lost and confused by multiple options, which is impeding actual work. Get a project manager, delineate clear objectives and work on timescales?

    Monday is a deal: you sign a contract or establish financial backing. Well I think if you had recently you would have said, but it's meant to be a new start on a money making scheme. So with the significator I would hazard a guess (if I believed in this) that you had just begun a new phase of the project with a book or TV deal firmed up, and were trying to establish a firm basis for it all today.

    Tuesday is success or fulfilment in light of previous you make a decision about a path to pursue, and sign or begin something. It's the best day this week actually I think: the new goals are in place, commitments made. SO let's say you sign a deal with a publisher or get a paycheque or advance.

    Wednesday is a dull, melancholy day. A journey is involved: nothing tragic, just less productive than you hoped. Perhaps frustration is the word. That applies to most days for most people - I will predict that things will just be wearing, and oyu lose enthusiasm for this project an can't be bothered to blog :)

    Thursday is dealing with a sick woman, who troubles you, and renders you defensive, annoyed and upset all at once. I have no idea what that means in the context of this challenge, but maybe you just have a rough day of it.

    Friday is bloody horrible. It's about as nasty as it gets, and its time to read up on Origen and why astrology and divination might be a bad move. SO let's move swiftly on -- your ego carries you through a bad day intact, and makes you a bit of an arrogant tosser on Saturday, in which you walk roughshod over others. It pays off though, and on Sunday things finally start ot work out and the money situation improves, probably by you having finally made some kind of contract fulfilment and started to see results.

    I hasten to add I have absolutely no psychic powers whatsoever, and if you find significance in thsi its you reading meaning in to the words, and I actually don;t do Tarot at all, I just thought I'd have a go :) My knowledge of the subject is culled form a few books i read at university twenty years ago, and may be complete nonsense.

    I do't think anyone would pay for my dooma nd gloom anyway! :)

    Take care Matthew
    cj x

  2. What I see are things relating to work and Ideas a few decisions need to be made, which are not easy, you have what you think is a good idea and properly self doubt or some one is talking you out of it. You may need to take some professional advice for you to succeed in your project. may be some stress this week for you but by sunday you will be smiling again. Not sure if any of that fits never seen these cards before but it was worth a try.

  3. just going on first sight, and not knowing what the spread is, i'd say that to have half the cards there are swords. what this suggests is you're thinking far to much, trying to rationalize things. the suit of swords represent our thoughts ...ideas, inteligence and all forms of mental activity. these cards show that inteligence is something you value highly, in short you don't suffer fools easily. but you need to watch that rationality or over analysis doesn't slow you down

    An important decision has to, or recently has been made, but this is something you didn't want to have to make a choice on, its like you fought against making it as long as you could. however that struggle in the choice and dodging making it was far worse. once you decide what you want its a relief.

    Once the decision is/was made you'll be feeling much more settled, its a move away from mental anguish and could even represent a physical move away from problems. the ten of swords maybe suggesting a fear of things happening behind the scenes which you havent been informed about, almost like you feel you have been stabbed in the back, or treated wrongly, leading you to look at things in a way that makes you feel you have been put in a difficult position, although the choices are up to you, you have to take off the blinkers and look at the situation with your eyes wide open. i'd say the decisions you need to be making are financial or career based mostly.

    The problems you may face here are either that you will feel dispassionate or you will encounter someone who is which will hinder the situation, don't allow stubborness to hinder things!
    there will be a lot going on workwise and plans that have been put on hold should get moving again, but i feel it will be dependant on the choices you make. don't worry so much and things will even out.

  4. Monday -- Unexpected Money coming in, financial assistance may be available at the start of a new enterprise.

    Tuesday - Success or recognition of some kind, acknowledgement of your work.

    Wednesday - Putting everything you have on the line, im...portant communications and travel.

    Thursday - Tension, need to face an unpleasant situation and make a choice.

    Friday - A feeling of betrayal but an ending of a painful situation

    Saturday - King of Wands is an adventurous creative type, but can also mean a property settlement or formal financial agreement. Reversed he is selfish and freedom loving, not to be trusted in business matters, he will use you to further his own ends.

    Sunday - May be a material inheritance of wealth or property or artistic achievement.

    8 Swords - Summing up - Caught between a rock and a hard place. You've avoided making a decision for too long because any decision is going to have its problems. You've helped create the problem by letting it go on so long. If there were cups in the spread I'd say it was a relationship breaking up and property and money being divided but these cards look more like a separation in business, assets being divided.