Sunday, 15 August 2010

Zone Unknown

Roy Basnett's Zone Unknown show on City Talk FM featured a discussion of the Million Dollar Psychic project tonight. Thanks to Mark Rosney for providing a recording for me to post here. Can you tell that I'm stood outside the Gents' toilet in a pub in Wycombe town centre? Thought you might.


  1. Good interview.

    Had to laugh at the presenter saying if Billy is mentoring you then why has he not claimed the money himself.ha ha ha.

    I dont believe at all in mediums/psychics and the more I listen to them the more sceptical I become.

    Am hoping you prove me wrong by winning the million

    Its a good project and certainly worth a try.

  2. At the risk of being branded unsupportive (again!) if the million was going to be won it would have been won a long time ago.
    Sorry but it ain't gonna happen.

    I too had to laugh at him being sceptical of your motives!!