Monday, 16 August 2010

Last week...

Thank you to those of you who posted interpretations of my tarot spread for the week ahead last week. I thought I'd quickly reveal what my trusty little book tells me are the 'official' meanings of the cards, and see how well these interpretations related to the events of last week.

The central card, the Eight of Swords, is supposedly the Significator. This is meant to represent the dominating influence in the spread and, therefore, in my week ahead. The Eight of Swords, according to the book, represents:
Denial. A relationship or project is falling apart and there's little you want to do, or feel you can do, to prevent it. You're in denial and can't yet work out how to go forward, or face up to what's happening. Consult others, focus your thoughts, and drag yourself from emotional lethargy. Break the spell.
Hmmm. This doesn't bode well. It seems as though it's all going to fall apart this week and there's sod all I can do about it. Bummer. I think I'll have a look at the other cards to see what might be salvaged.

The card in the one o'clock position in the spread, in this case the Ace of Pentacles, foretells Monday's events. According to the book, the Ace of Pentacles relates to:
Material success. This card indicates financial gain in terms of growing investments or unexpected gifts, from bonuses to royalties or competition wins. The Ace expresses complete material security, and brings reassurance after a period of uncertainty. The card also signals success for business start-ups and new relationships, so this is a happy, comfortable, and prosperous time.
Cool. As you can imagine, I was therefore really looking forward to Monday! However, whilst Monday was a very enjoyable day, it did not bring financial gain or unexpected gifts. Perhaps Tuesday would bring this success? Indeed, Tuesday's card, the Six of Wands, predicts:
Triumph; Reward. After hard work comes a breakthrough, with fantastic news about a long-awaited award or the ending of a dispute. The Six is favourable for resolving legal matters, delayed contracts, or a work issue - whatever the situation, you succeed and receive a special reward for your determined effort. It is time to feel proud.
It is true that Tuesday was one of the more interesting and, indeed, eventful days of the week. In the evening, I was invited to join a psychic development circle being held in a nearby town. I learnt a lot and met others who were equally keen to develop their psychic faculties. But, surprisingly, neither my tarot cards, nor any of the readings I received from others that evening, predicted my minor disagreement with a tree on my drive home. In retrospect, I should have gone home the way I had come, via the Motorway. But I didn't. Instead, I thought I'd go the more 'direct' way via the back roads. Not, I now appreciate, a good idea when you are unfamiliar with the back roads and it is the middle of the night. Let me just say I arrived home one and a half hours later with one less wing-mirror than I had when I had set off from home that afternoon. From now on I'm not going to put quite so much trust in Google Maps. Six of Wands, my arse.

Wednesday... and the Six of Swords: 
Peace restored. Finally, harmony prevails, and you are able to take time out now that everything is in order. There may be an opportunity to travel abroad for rest or career, and return to the demands of your everyday life with more verve. While the Six does not indicate that a project or problem is resolved, it advises that you will enjoy a little distance from it.
Whilst the wing-mirror was enjoying a little distance between itself and the car it belonged to, the only travel form me today was between various car-repair centres to see who could give me a new one for the lowest price. Moving swiftly on, Thursday's card, the Two of Swords referred to:
A truce. Peace returns after a time of discord and turmoil. You may not trust this truce, but it could present a valuable opportunity to gain perspective on a problem partnership or another troublesome association. Be cautious and factual, and consider every aspect. You will need to balance carefully your needs with those of the other party if you are to come to an agreement.
This card seems to follow on from yesterday's card, the Six of Swords, which also talked of 'peace restored'. But all I was keen on restoring was the car to it's full complement of wing-mirrors!

Friday's Ten of Swords predicted:
Endings. In the suit of Swords, endings are dramatic, and may be shocking. However, on closer inspection of the facts, it's likely that this ending was predictable. A relationship or other arrangement is cut out of your life. The closure is harsh, but necessary; you will recover and be open to new opportunities sooner than you think.
Friday was the day I got the car fixed. I don't think anything was cut out of my life (apart from a broken wing-mirror, etc., etc.). By now I have lost any faith that the cards are going to would provide any insight, no matter how vague, into the events of my week. Saturday's card, the King of Wands was reversed. This means its usual interpretation (if it were the right way round) changes quite dramatically. The King upright means honour and compassion. Reversed it means:
Prejudice. The reversed King has been embittered by bad experiences in the past or he has simply never bothered to question his intolerant attitudes. He is no moral compass for others and is unable to listen to their opinions or deviate from the safety of his stubborn ways. As a symbol of a situation, this card can reveal that negative thoughts are brewing.
The only negative thoughts that are brewing today are about the usefulness of tarot cards! The final card, for Sunday, is the Ten of Pentacles:
Inheritance, happiness. The Ten is often a fortuitous card for families, favouring existing generations and those to come, so it can literally predict a happy marriage and children. In monetary terms the Ten, as the ultimate card of the Pentacles, reveals wealth accrued through generations, so there may be benefits from share dividends, an inheritance, or a gift from a generous friend or relative.
Well, at least it all ends on a very positive note! Sadly, but perhaps not too surprisingly, there was no inheritance nor were any dividends heading my way.  Perhaps, as the Eight of Swords (my 'significator' for the week) indicated, I am in denial. Maybe this project is falling apart before it's begun? Do I need to break the spell?


  1. I would try it with a pack of ordinary playing cards next time...

  2. Well thats tarot sorted then...nothing to
    My daughter does it for fun and gets better results.ha ha.

    As anyone can buy a set of cards and read the book for the 'predictions' this was a non starter from the off but all aspects of the paranormal need looking into.

    I hope you find a way to prove there is something other than what we know.

  3. But is my Wednesday reading had been Tuesdays you might have thought I was psychic... ;)have a look... It wasn't and I'm not :)