Wednesday, 12 November 2008

The Serenity Prayer

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
courage to change the things I can,
and the wisdom to know the difference.
The kicker is in the final line. Knowing the difference. When I mentioned the Serenity Prayer at the Skeptics in the Pub earlier this year, a guy in the audience shouted out that the prayer is used at meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous. I looked over to see who had called out and saw him stood at the bar next to three empty pint glasses. I doubt he's still a member.


  1. Surely it would be if he had three full pints next to him he wouldn't be a member...!

  2. I see it the other way enn..if he has three empty he has drunk them.
    Full...he is sober.

  3. This one has caused some controversy..ha ha.

    I mentioned it and whoooosh...many different opinions.
    Some say,as Enn did,that if he has three full glasses he wont need to attend as he is sober.

    Others say if they are empty he wouldn't be going as he obviously doesn't want to come off it.

    Another group suggested that he needs to go either way since full might mean he is sober but would still need the help.
    Empty..needs help.

  4. I can see that he would need to go either way.

    I would say that he would be more likely to go if the glasses were full rather than empty wouldn't you?

  5. I didn't realise just how controversial this would prove to be! :-)

    My thinking was that the guy had just drank the 3 pints of beer and so was "off the wagon", hence he was no longer attending AA.

  6. *I didn't realise just how controversial this would prove to be! :-)*

    From little

    I thought the same...if he has drunk them then he has fallen off the wagon and wouldn't or couldn't go.

    I think it works both ways enn...if he has full glasses he is sober so doesn't need AA but on the other hand may still need the support.

    Funny how a comment has caused a debate.ha ha.

  7. I bought my nan that pray on a tapestry for mothers day about two years ago. I am not religious but reading the pray made my eyes widen and "struck a cord". Now I keep coming across references to the Serenity pray, simple coincidence........or meaningful........for now I will ponder :)