Saturday, 31 January 2009

Bitch on heat

Today's card, the Ten of Swords, was supposed to predict endings:
Ten of Swords: The Ten indicates endings. In the suit of Swords, endings are dramatic, and may be shocking. However, on closer inspection of the facts, it's likely that this ending was predictable. A relationship or other arrangement is cut out of your life. The closure is harsh, but necessary; you will recover and be open to new opportunities sooner than you think.
Couldn't really find anything today that could relate to this. No endings, dramatic or otherwise. The only drama was when we were taking Rachel's parents' dogs, Daisy and Harry, for a walk in Shotover Park near where they live. We let them off their leads to let them have a run and explore the woods. Shotover seems to be popular with dogs and dog-walkers of all shapes and sizes, so it's a case of keeping a watchful eye as dogs greet each other in the way only dogs know how. Now, I'm not a dog-owner nor have I ever been (though I am an enthusiastic walker of Daisy and Harry when we visit and I can imagine maybe having a dog at some point in the future) so I'm not au fait with the etiquette between dog owners as one's dogs sniff the backsides of other dogs as they hello. I tended to opt for a facial expression that tries to convey the "that's dogs for you..." look. And, by and large, I think I achieved the look. This expression seemed to be serving me well right up until the point when Daisy was about to be humped by not one, not two, but three over-excited setters. The "that's dogs for you..." facial expression was quickly replaced by one of mild panic as I yelled out "Noooo!!" and reached to put the lead round Daisy's neck. Freya just peered out at me from her pushchair as if to say "spoilsport".

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