Sunday, 25 January 2009

Next week

I'm learning to read the tarot, so I thought I'd do myself a reading for the week ahead. The spread involves eight cards. The first card is called the 'significator' and supposedly indicates the dominant theme(s) for the week. The remaining seven cards relate to each day of the week. My significator card is the Three of Wands, that's the one in the centre. Here's what the very helpful little book that came with the cards, the Golden Tarot for those of you who know about these things, has to say about the Three of Wands:
The Three reveals creativity and self-expression, and the development of projects. Events speed up, with more communication, action, and reward, as money flows your way. This confirms what you secretly know to be true - that you are really good at what you do.
Cool. Now taking the cards in turn day by day, starting with the card in the one o'clock position as the card for Monday and going clockwise:
Knight of Swords: When the Knight of Swords arrives in a reading, he heralds a future battle that must be fought so that a resolution to a problem may be found. Dynamic and charming, he may come into your life for just a short period of time, but his verve is infectious: he brings enough energy and determination to meet the challenge with courage.

King of Wands: The King brings calm integrity and compassion. Wise and unassuming, he is loved by family and friends. He may be demanding of others, but he still has energy and ideas. This card reveals honorable conduct. and can also indicate that you will feel comfortable with yourself now. Others respond to you positively.

Ace of Cups: As Cups are associated with the element of Water, or love and emotion, the Ace predicts emotional fulfillment, creativity, and contentment, from falling passionately in love with a person or an ideal to following a spiritual calling or artistic pursuit. Pregnancy and motherhood are also indicated because the overflowing chalice of the Ace symbolizes ultimate femininity.

Three of Cups: Love grows and a relationship moves up to a new level of commitment. A child may be born, or your creativity flourishes as new projects evolve and take form. This is a card of healing and happiness, with myriad opportunities for celebration, sharing, and the renewal of friendship. The Three also predicts healing, so you feel rejuvenated, physically and emotionally.

The Star: Inspiration and guidance; you have clarity of purpose and great potential now. The water symbolizes creativity and its flow, memory. As the past and the present flow together, so past experiences give you the wisdom to make a dream come true. This is a nurturing card, showing that you are tending your garden well. Ideas flourish as you create fertile conditions for success and happiness.

Ten of Swords: The Ten indicates endings. In the suit of Swords, endings are dramatic, and may be shocking. However, on closer inspection of the facts, it's likely that this ending was predictable. A relationship or other arrangement is cut out of your life. The closure is harsh, but necessary; you will recover and be open to new opportunities sooner than you think.

The Hierophant: It is time to take sound advice from someone you trust. The Hierophant often reveals an authority figure, such as a father, teacher, or other mentor. He symbolizes practical wisdom, so his influence can help you resolve a challenge. This card also denotes a spiritual dimension, so it can indicate that you are about to embark on a new course of learning that will bring you closer to your soul's purpose.
So that's my week sorted. Tomorrow I'm going to have some kind of fight, Tuesday I'll feel better about it, then on Wednesday I'm going to fall in love and get pregnant, and the baby's gonna arrive on Thursday. Time for a bit of gardening on Friday before it all goes tits up on Saturday (still it was nice while it lasted!). It all comes together on Sunday when my dad gives me some sound advice (use a condom?) and I sign up for parenting classes. I'll let you know how it all goes.

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