Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Checkout King

According to my tarot reading, today I thought I'd be recovering from yesterday's battle, so I hadn't really planned much. It was the King of Wands that came up for today. According to Liz Dean (the woman who wrote the the little book that came with my tarot cards):
The King brings calm integrity and compassion. Wise and unassuming, he is loved by family and friends. He may be demanding of others, but he still has energy and ideas. This card reveals honorable conduct. and can also indicate that you will feel comfortable with yourself now. Others respond to you positively.
Not really sure what to make of that. Calm integrity and compassion is my middle name (it's actually David), and you'd be hard pushed to find a day on which I'm not wise and unassuming. It's just part and parcel of who I am (!). Today included a trip to Sainsbury's (rock'n'roll, eh?) but I don't think asking the guy at the checkout for a couple of extra carrier bags counts as being demanding of others, does it?

I was "working from home" today. So, yes, I felt comfortable with myself. And it is fair to say that others did respond to me positively today (I got the extra carriers I asked for, plus a few extra).

So today maybe Tarot gets half a point (though perhaps I'm being a little generous there).

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  1. So far not so good but look forward to reading about todays (wednesday) when you fall in love and get pregnant...not forgetting your ultimate femininity.ha ha.