Friday, 30 January 2009

It is written

The Star: Inspiration and guidance; you have clarity of purpose and great potential now. The water symbolizes creativity and its flow, memory. As the past and the present flow together, so past experiences give you the wisdom to make a dream come true. This is a nurturing card, showing that you are tending your garden well. Ideas flourish as you create fertile conditions for success and happiness.
One of the many nice things about visiting Rachel’s parents for the weekend is that Rachel and I sometimes get the chance to go out on our own while Nana and Grandpa babysit. Tonight we managed to escape to the cinema to watch Slumdog Millionaire. We didn’t know too much about the film beforehand apart from having seen the trailer last week and it being recommended to us by a friend. We were also aware that it had won a few Golden Globes and has been nominated for a million Oscars (well, ten).

In the opening minutes of the film the words appear on screen:
Jamal Malik is one question away from winning 20 million rupees.
How did he do it?

A: He cheated
B: He's lucky
C: He’s a genius
D: It is written
The answers A, B and C fade from the screen, leaving the final answer, “D: It is written”.

The film tells the story of how Jamal got to this point and how his experiences growing up in the slums of Mumbai gave him clues to the answers he would eventually be asked on Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? It’s an excellent film about love and destiny, and perhaps an appropriate film for today given the Star indicating how the past and present flow together, so that past experiences give the wisdom to make a dream come true.

Anyway, here's the trailer. Take a look and then go see the film and let me know what you think. (You'll notice that for some reason they decided to change the final answer to “D: It is destiny” for the trailer.)

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