Thursday, 29 January 2009

Take a break

Today is a significant day, as it marks three years of Rachel and I being together. So maybe the Three of Cups is an appropriate card for today:
Three of Cups: Love grows and a relationship moves up to a new level of commitment. A child may be born, or your creativity flourishes as new projects evolve and take form. This is a card of healing and happiness, with myriad opportunities for celebration, sharing, and the renewal of friendship. The Three also predicts healing, so you feel rejuvenated, physically and emotionally.
So whatever happens today, I'm happy to give the Tarot a point.

That said, a couple of meetings at work today seemed to fit nicely with what the Three had to say. This morning's meeting, which I'd arranged last week, was with someone from our Personnel Department about the possibility of taking a career break next year. In September this year, I will have been working at Liverpool Hope for ten years. And it's starting to feel like it! Many of the lectures I now give I haven't updated for a few years, and my research has come to an almost stand still. I just don't want to find myself having been there for fifteen or even twenty years thinking the same thing, having done nothing about it! For at least the last couple of years I have been saying to myself (and to Rachel) that I needed to change. Change my research, change jobs, change something. So I thought I'd start saying it to somebody other than myself and Rachel, and perhaps kickstart the process that might lead to me actually doing something about it! Anyway, the meeting with Cathryn from Personnel seemed to go okay (apart from the fact I had written down the meeting time wrong and was half an hour late!). She seemed to understand where I was coming from and gave me some useful advice.

Later in the day I met with two TV producers working on an idea for a TV show that would look at ghostly experiences across the UK (sound familiar?). It all sounded very interesting and exciting, but they were still looking for the show to be commissioned so we'll see if it comes to anything. Still, could be an opportunity for new projects to evolve and take form perhaps?

The best part of today, though, was the fantastic surprise I got this evening. Rachel called me through and said she'd been a little bit naughty. I immediately guessed that she'd maybe bought something. I was close. Rachel had actually booked a surprise weekend away for us both in Barcelona! She had booked it a week or two before and it would be for a weekend in March, but she had told me today to mark our three years together. I think that could nicely represent an opportunity for "celebration, sharing and the renewal of friendship", don't you agree? Even if you don't, I'm not too bothered... we're going to Barcelona!

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  1. Congratulations to you and Rachel on your anniversay.Wishing you many many more happy years.

    Hope any move you make in your career is successful.

    Very interesting about a possible tv show.Hope it is commissioned.

    What a lovely surprise..have a great time in Barcelona.

    Definately a point for the tarot with this one.