Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Derren 'n' Vyacheslav

It turns out it was Men with X-Ray Eyes (as opposed to the singular Man). Although it didn't appear as though anyone had X-Ray eyes. The focus of last night's Derren Brown Investigates was the Bronnikov Method, pioneered by a chap called Vyacheslav Bronnikov.

Among the claims made by Bronnikov is that his 'method' can help people see through blindfolds and can even help blind people to see (including those who don't have eyes!). And level 1 of the course costs only 700 Euros. All very intriguing, and all very dodgy-sounding.

The confrontation between Derren 'n' Vyacheslav ended with our man requesting that Mr Bronnikov tell him what was inside a sealed box, something that should be straightforward for a man with X-Ray eyes. Bronnikov declined. Which left us wondering what was inside the box!

My guess is that it was a small yellow plastic duck... on a chain.


  1. Ray Milland had X-Ray eyes, he would have seen what was in the box. Or they could have got Natasha Demkina in for a go.

    I actually squirmed watching this programme to see people being taken for a ride so willingly, especially the parents of the young chap with cerebral palsy. Somehow I can't see Bronnikov's threat to bring his method here coming to fruition.

    For some reason the different levels reminded me of Dianetics, can't think why.

  2. What's inside the box? A cat of course... Alive. Or dead. Or both, perhaps...

    E. ;o)

  3. Speaks for itself that he declined with the box.It was full of his bulls***!!

  4. Anonymous makes a good point. If Derren Brown had investigated Schrödinger's cat, what would he have concluded? And if we believed him, where would we be now?

    Maybe it is better that we do not entrust certain experiments to television entertainers.