Saturday, 29 May 2010

Lost but not forgotten

So this week saw the end of Lost, one of the most ambitious and complex drama series ever. It spanned six seasons over six years and kept fans glued to the screen right up the final moments.

Many a fan will have quickly turned to the internet to help them make sense of what they had just watched, as well as help them to interpret and re-interpret everything they had seen from Season One onwards! There aren't many TV shows that integrate such diverse topics as destiny, time-travel, faith, philosophy, love, and what happens after we die into a compelling drama.

But, of course, many questions were left unanswered, such as: So what exactly was the island? Why could it move in space and time? What was the smoke monster? Who was Jacob's "mother"? Why did the island need protecting? Etc., etc. If you're a fan of the show you'll know what I'm talking about, if you're not (and shame on you) you won't have a clue or, indeed, give a toss.

The web is abound with discussions and speculation over what it was all about, including its very own Lostpedia. As I browse through a few reviews of the finale and the discussions that follow, it is interesting to notice that those people who seem to be least satisfied with how it ended are those who don't seem to 'get it'. Those that have a better handle on what was going on seem quite happy with how it was brought to a close, despite the many unanswered questions.

It seems there is likely to be a final 'epilogue' to be included in the DVD boxed set that focuses on what happens to Hurley and Ben after they take over as the new protectors of the island. But other than that, that's your lot.


  1. Echo...why was he not there.??

    If everything on the island really happened then Hurley and Ben should still be on it surely?

    Why was Ben at the church...he was not in the plane crash.

    Why was aaron a baby....he was born on the island....

    All these and more to be answered.

    pah!!! I was very disappointed.

    My daughter was happy with the end but only because she didn't expect them to answer anything in the first place.

    A superb series with a huge let down.

  2. Many of these questions I think were answered, or at least you could infer their answers!

    Perhaps another viewing of "The End" is in order...?

  3. Ermm.So where was Echo then? ect ect ect ect.

    Maybe I am 'fick' and just dont 'get it' but then so are many many more viewers in that case so I am happy to not be alone.

  4. There's quite a few folks who weren't in the church, Eko just one of these. I'm guessing it's because he didn't feature so strongly in the lives of these characters during the time on the island (and probably the actor wasn't available!).

    I think not 'getting it' is more to do with being happy with having questions unanswered!

  5. **I think not 'getting it' is more to do with being happy with having questions unanswered!***

    Ahhh well,I am not.I like closure.

    The good thing to come of it is that people will be talking about lost for a long time to come which is what I suspect the writers planned.

    Will just have to write this show off as ...brilliant concept but failed to deliver at the end.