Thursday, 13 May 2010

Great face for radio

Off the back of the Derren 'n' Joe show on Monday, I was asked to take part in a local BBC radio show this morning to discuss whether psychics are real or fake...

You can listen along by clicking here (it's in the first hour). I even have an impromptu go at a bit of psychometry... with interesting results!


  1. You surely don't have a great face for radio!!

    I think you should post a picture of your watch and see what people come up with....

  2. Interesting.You did quite well with the watch.

    Was not surprised at how deftly the claim for curing cancer was put on the 'patient'...very clever.

    If psychic healing worked there would be no sickness in the world.

    I so feel for the people who are taken in by it all.The power of the mind is a very strong tool and a dangerous one at times.

    Would take a hell of a lot to convince me.