Tuesday, 8 June 2010


You got me good and proper! Those furtive text messages, the turning of the laptop screen away from my eyes and the obsession with the weather. All is now clear. In some ways I feel a bit stupid to have not sussed, but in fact I am pleased to have got the full benefit of the surprise. It's the aspect of a surprise party that makes it, well, a surprise party!

Those of you who have been paying close attention over the last few years of this blog will know that I turn 40 this year. As will those of you who actually know me. My birthday is actually later this month, so I was not expecting to arrive back at the house (after a very enjoyable afternoon shooting clay-pigeons for the first time) to find a whole load of cars parked outside!

"What are all these cars doing here?" I asked Dave who was in the car with me. "I dunno..." Dave said back, unconvincingly, "Perhaps the neighbours have got friends round..." he suggested. A good attempt, Dave, but it doesn't explain why I recognised Rachel's parents' cars and my mum and dad's car! There was nobody around, so Dave led the way round to the garden at the back, and...

Surprise! A garden full of folks! Family and friends raising a glass to... well, to me! It appears that my better (oh, so better) half, Rachel, had spent the last couple of months planning a surprise party for my 40th! It was the start of the best party ever... live music, Chinese lanterns, a wonderful cake (that's me in the picture at my computer, complete with Rubik's Cube!), and a magician. Yes, a magician! In fact, the whole night was quite magical.

Thank you to everyone who came, and to everyone who clearly helped Rachel with the organising and the secret-keeping (shame on you). And thank you for cards and presents. I've not opened any as yet... will save for my actual birthday later this month. A few more days of my 30's left, which I shall hang on to as long as I can!

But thank you most of all to Rachel. So much thought and effort paid off. Thank you baby... I love you very much x


  1. My invite must have gone astray in the post, but glad you had a good party anyway, and happy birthday to you.

  2. It was a fab night, really lovely, and you looked so genuinely surprised and touched when you realised! Rachel did a superb job and we were made up to be invited!

    E. x

  3. Believe me Matthew keeping it secret from you was a doddle in comparison to keeping Freya in the dark. She must have wondered why Mummy and Nana needed to bake so many things and why we were spelling out words instead of speaking in front of her. I just know if she was aware of what was going on you would have found out weeks ago - "Daddy you are having a party but I can't tell you as it is a surprise!" xx

  4. Matthew you are blessed with a wonderful family.40 is no age these days, so i don't think you need to start counting in doggy years just yet ! No doubt your celebrations have only just started, enjoy !

  5. My goodness the likeness is uncanny!
    Many Happy Returns for the actual day :)

  6. There's nothing wrong with being born in black and white, Happy Birthday for next week !

  7. 40 is no age..enjoy.What a smashing surprise party for you.You are blessed.