Monday, 14 June 2010

Tweet surrender

I've succumbed to twitter. If you are a fellow tweeter or twitterer, or whatever we're called, feel free to follow me to find out what nuggets of wisdom I'm likely to chuck out from time to time. In fact, please follow me, as without followers it's all rather pointless...

Follow spiritualjunk on Twitter


  1. **In fact, please follow me**

    Oh alright then.

    Happy tweeting.

  2. You're a bad, bad man...I've now got a Twitter account

  3. You're gonna get sucked in Rachie! x

    Thank you also Lifes, Carol, and skepticcat!

  4. I will be tweeting soon too under the name Indigo Zing. Mrs Stephen Fry is recommended, i think it's actually Stephen with an alter-ego.Happy Tweeting everyone x