Friday, 2 October 2009

And the beginning of a new one

As luck would have it (although we know that luck is no accident don't we?) there was a 'Psychic Night' on at the pub down the end of our road last night. A perfect opportunity I thought to see how this psychic reading lark is done.

I got down there for around 8. There were three readers: Bev, Rose Marie, and Vicky. I booked a slot with Vicky for 9.20, which would give me time to pop round the corner to the shop for some essentials, nip back home for something to eat and then get back in time for my reading. I arrived back at 9.15 in good time for my slot. I was still waiting at 9.45... I guess it's hard to keep to time when channelling energies and the like (my worry is how to make a reading last 20 minutes... or even 10 minutes!).

Soon enough I was sat opposite Vicky who was, let's say, 'larger than life'. As she took a drag on her electronic cigarette she told me how she worked. "I work with Spirit", she explained as she blew out vapour that resembled smoke.

"I do cards, but I let Spirit guide me", she added.

"OK", I said, all excited wondering what the cards, or Spirit, had in store for me. Vicky instructed me to spread the cards face down on the table, mix them up, and select 10 cards. As I chose each card, I was to pass it to her. Once all 10 were chosen, Vicky placed them face up into the formation I now recognise as the Celtic Cross.

Excellent. Now I’ll get some tips and ideas on how to read this spread. Or so I thought. It seems as though that Vicky, or the Spirit she was connecting with, had other ideas. This particular Spirit, who Vicky thought could be my father’s mother, just wasn’t going to let Vicky get on with the reading. And because my dad’s mum died before I was born I obviously couldn’t connect with any of the (very vague) bits of information she was giving me.

“Perhaps it’s better that we switch and you get a reading from someone else?” proposed Vicky.

“Er, OK” I replied. I felt a bit of a failure. Maybe she’d seen something in the spread of cards laid out between us and she just couldn’t bring herself to tell me. Next thing I knew, the girl who was taking the bookings ushered me to a chair to wait for one of the other readers. Without any further explanation I saw Vicky hurrying out of the door to the pub clutching a cigarette. I assumed this time it was a real one and not the electronic one. Maybe that was it. It was just Vicky’s nicotine addiction that meant she couldn’t read my cards.

Whatever the reason, I was now waiting for Rose Marie to finish with her current client. Would I fare any better with her? Rose Marie at least looked more the part. She was an older lady wearing a red knitted shawl over her shoulders. And I learned a lot more from this reading (at least I got a reading!).

There’s not enough time to go into detail here about what she said. Suffice to say much of what Rose Marie told me seemed to fit. Sure, much of it could have been, and probably was, me taking what she was saying and making it fit to my personal situation. But interestingly she did tell me about a change in my work circumstances! Spot on. Yes, I know that this could be interpreted in so many ways and if it didn’t happen to fit it would probably be forgotten. But let me be impressed for now. She also told me that I would be successful in my new career, so I’m taking her at her word.

In terms of how she gave the reading, the important thing I learned echoes some of the comments on this blog. She didn’t say this card means this, and that card means that. It was more to do with how the cards linked with or reinforced each other and how these were built into a narrative. This is what I need to try to do when I give my readings on Saturday. It’s either that or try Vicky’s approach and suggest they try a different reader before I rush out of the door!

Wish me luck! (Although luck is no accident, etc.)


  1. Hope you have the Marlboro Lights ready for tomorrow! ;o)


  2. Trying to ignore the 'luck is no accident' thing given that I disagree strongly with a lot of that premise.Moooooving on....

    Good second reading...this of course is me just throwing a thought out there...not accusing anyone of anything at all but.... you do have a blog with all your plans la la.
    As I said..not accusing.

    Good luck with your readings...although I do concede that in this instance the hard work you have put in will help more than

  3. Ah, luck is no accident.... I've been thinking for a little while of moving into a new area of work which is a very narrow speciality and I've never met or heard of anyone who does this. I took the first step towards achieving this two weeks ago and two days ago got into conversation with a woman who is planning to do the exact same thing, and it's not the kind of thing you'd normally discuss with someone you've just met. But then there are no coincidences are there?
    Now how many of you know or have heard of anyone who wants to be a counsellor working specifically with women who have suffered a trauma associated with childbirth? And it's not really the sort of thing I'd normally discuss with someone I've just met, but there we both were with the same aim.
    I'd be intrigued to read 'life's' commentary.....

  4. Hello anon.

    Commentary? that a subtle way to tell me I talk too much..ha ha....I

    Annnnnyway....if you met this woman at a place associated with the work you want to do then I wouldn't think much of it but if its was totally unrelated then a stroke of luck.

    Luck from my point of view is accidental.You are either lucky or not.
    Of course if you sit on your bum and do nothing in life you will never get anywhere but you can work damn hard with a great attitude and still have total bad luck.

    A good positive attitude helps enormously with how you deal with bad luck but it wont stop it happening.

    In Matthews case with his readings...hard work on his part will play a huge role in how he does but he may get lucky and get sitters who are easy to read for.

    Good luck Matthew.

  5. Life is an attitude of mind. You can work hard and constantly think "I work hard but nothing good ever happens to me" and nothing good will happen to you as you are giving the wrong messages to the universe. Work hard and truely believe you are going to be successful and you will be successful.

    Positive people have positive things happen in their lives (luck?), negative people dont....

  6. Hello Sandra..sorry,messages to the universe? Does that imply a spiritual thing?
    Apologies if I read that wrong.

    Afraid I disagree with 'work hard think success and it will happen.'
    Its not as simple as that.

    As I said previously...Attitude of mind helps enormously with how we cope with the good and bad things life throws at us but its not the cause and effect and certainly does not stop bad things happening.

    Apologies Matthew...we have hijacked your

    Hope all went well with your readings.

  7. Hijack away! I'm very interested in the extent to which we control our luck...

  8. Thank you.

    First we have to define luck.
    Is it winning the lottery..falling in a pile of muck and finding a fiver.?

    I consider myself to be very lucky yet many people tell me I am the most unlucky person they know.

    Its all down to how we perceive luck I think.

    I remember you posted a story about being shot in the arm and if we see that as lucky or unlucky.
    I saw it as lucky as it could have been worse.
    Someone else saw it as unlucky to have been shot in the first place.

    As to us controlling our luck...I am a bit confused as to what is meant by that....can be a bit 'fick' at

    My take is that you cannot change or control your luck at all but how you view things that happen to you can determine how you cope with it.I have noticed in my case a good attitude has not changed the outcome.

    Some time back a friend and I decided to have a weekend visiting interesting places around our area.

    Just before he was due to pick me up he started his car up...heard a huge thump and that was it.
    the car is going nowhere.

    Anyway....when he came round to tell me ...he said how unlucky is that? Just when we planned the trips this happens.

    I looked at it this way.....What if this never happened this morning.
    What if we had been bowling along the A12 and then it went.....
    We could have had a serious accident.
    So for me it was lucky it went when it did.

    Is it luck or are we are destined to go down a certain path no matter what we do.?
    Sometimes I think that may be the case.

  9. I am with Lifes on this one.

    Having had a serious illness earlier this year my first feelings were that I seemed to have nothing but bad luck ... but then I heard a story about someone in a much worse position than me and though I was lucky to have only had what I had.

    So to me ... luck is what you make it and if you have a positive attitude then things can only look better.