Monday, 26 October 2009

See you there

Imagine the scene. You're in Derby on the night before Halloween. You're wondering to yourself, "I wonder who is the best medium around here?" And by that you don't just mean around Derby, you're talking more further afield. The Midlands generally.

If only there was an event that might help you find the Midlands' Best Medium. If only.


  1. Looks like you are going to have your work cut out searching for the best medium in the Midlands on the Friday night and then getting down to London the following day to attend the Society for Psychical Research's study day on "Poltergeist Outbreaks Then and Now", starting at 9.45am (details at The busy life of a parapsychologist.

    Good luck with the search, sounds as if it will be fun.

  2. I so wish I could be there for what sounds like a great night.

    Have fun.

  3. That should have said 'let'. Obviously...


  4. Exciting, Matthew! Le me know how it goes!

    E. x

  5. So how did the paranormal Battle of the Bands go? Given it was £20 to get in did anyone turn up? I think I'd have wanted something pretty spectacular for that kind of moolah.

  6. I think £20 is reasonable considering how much mediums charge for a

    I am going to predict that there was nothing spectacular...well not from the mediums anyway.I hope Matthew can prove me wrong.

  7. I was pleasantly surprised by the mediums in the Midlands! At least those that made it to the final of Midlands' Best Medium.

    Of the nine that made to the final, I would say at least three or four seemed to give some pretty good messages.

    The first round consisted of psychometry, the second round readings to randomly selected members of the audience. After this, the audience voted to select three to go to the final round.

    The final test involved each medium giving a reading to yours truly! I don't know who found it most uncomfortable... them or me!

    A certain Ms Heather Dawn-Moon (her real name?) was crowned the winner.

    Look out for future competitions in your region!

  8. The pubs in Bury are all advertising 'Psychic Night's at the moment...

    E. x

  9. Sounds like a good night.
    Essex is rife with mediums.

    So thats Bury and Essex on the

    Obviously you are not going to give too much away about the mediums methods so hopefully I will make any others that come up so I can see for myself.